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Case Study 
Park Place, RG9

Scope of Works:


Installation of Balustrade, façade restoration and cleaning

Park Place is a historic house in the civil parish of Remenham in Berkshire, set in large grounds above the River Thames near Henley. The estate was purchased by Henry Seymour Conway in 1752 who made extensive improvements. Humphrey Gainsborough, brother of the artist Thomas Gainsborough, designed Conway's Bridge, built in 1763 at Park Place. This is an interesting rustic arched stone structure close to the River Thames that still carries traffic on the road between Wargrave and Henley-on-Thames. It wasn't until 1988 that the house became a boarding school.


C&D Restoration was employed to carry a wide range of detailed and intricate works in order to restore this property back to its original grandeur.


Our works comprised of:

  • Detailing, manufacture and installation of new pre-cast stone balustrade to all balconies

  • Complete restoration of the east façade including forming all moulding and stucco

  • Rebuilding and reforming the stables archway back to its original state.

  • Complete clean to entire mansion using the Super Heated DOFF system remove all moss growth

  • Hammer testing and repairs to mouldings and flat stucco to all elevations

  • Complete restoration to the lodge house lime render including pointing to knapped flint

  • Complete clean to Conway's Bridge using the Jos/TORC system

  • Cleaning to various monuments/monoliths scattered around the grounds using the Super Heated DOFF system

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