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Case Study 
Old Brompton Road, SW5

Scope of Works:


Stone restoration, recasting damaged columns and paint stripping

In the 1760s there was a property boom in London and building in the Brompton Road area began in earnest. Joseph Clarke and William Meymott were the leading builders and architects for this area in the period. 216 - 222 Old Brompton Road is a fine example of one of these buildings and has now been developed into a row of residential flats which is based in the Chelsea area.


Following assessment, C&D Restoration carried out stone repairs to the painted cornices and columns running up and along the front of the building. Using skills honed over many years, we undertook to repair and re-cast damaged floral capitals at the top of each of these columns.

Extensive restoration works were carried out to the four painted, natural stone porticos. Paint was stripped from each portico using chemicals and the low pressure super heated DOFF system. All moulds and profiles were cut back and re-stored by our team of craftsmen including all Corinthian capitals using bath stone mix.

Some of the stone mould designs on this building did not fit in with the architectural style of the surrounding properties. At the client's request, C&D Restoration carried out a full inspection of the stonework and put their experience to work in developing a template which offered alternative portico design adjustments which could be incorporated to suit the aesthetic requirements. Our experienced craftsmen then worked to the template and re-worked the portico stonework accordingly.

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